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Return to working with a new outlook

A new day, a new week and it’s time to return to work. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time off and feel that I’ve make good use of every minute. Finding new routines and different ways of thinking, but most enjoyable was not having to watch the clock.

Thinking about time moving forward

Having free days, for three weeks, has allowed me to appreciate the the enjoyment of not being beholden to a schedule. Not having to think about when the next Zoom call is lifts a massive weight from my mind.

What if… I stayed home?

What if I didn’t return to work next week, could I cope with the situation? Would I be able to handle not working and what might happen if I took the decision to pause for longer?

Kitchen drawer Tetris and Stuffers

Stuffing frustrates me. Not the kind that accompanies a roast dinner, I appreciate that kind and can devour it quite easily. No, it’s the other kind of stuffing that really irks me.

Appreciating our garden

Gardens are wonderful spaces, like ini parks. No matter what size they are, it’s a privilege to have an outside space that I’ve come to appreciate so much more over the course of the current pandemic the world is facing.

Back to work, or not…

Today should be the first working day of the year after the Christmas break, but not this year. I’ve taken an extra week off and it feels good, even if I haven’t had it yet.