Good strategy, bad strategy book by Richard Rumelt

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it matters

Richard Rumelt

I’ve put off reading this book most of the year and now realise I shouldn’t have done that. If I’d taken my design directors advice and read this book at the start of 2021 it would have helped me with the many strategy conversations throughout the year. Oh well, better late than never.

I’m going to guess that most people with a similar level of experience to me have a good idea of what and how a strategy works? Many years of working in design and dealing with business gave me experience, adding that to what I’ve learnt from others along the way provided enough knowledge to be dangerous.

The most important thing that Good Strategy, Bad Strategy has taught me is what isn’t a strategy, but is often disguised and promoted as one. While I wouldn’t claim to now have full strategic capabilities, I do now possess the ability to interrogate both mine and others thinking in a measured and constructive way.

While the book could be a lot shorter, even as much as boiled down to a presentation, all the case studies and examples included really help to illustrate Richard Rumelts thoughts. I’d recommend this book is essential reading for all leadership roles.