The Race to the Future book cover

The Race to the Future: The Adventure that Accelerated the Twentieth Century

Kassia St Clair

This book follows the trials and tribulations of the very first Peking-to-Paris rally in 1907. It covers the adventures of true motoring pioneers—’an Italian prince and his chauffeur, a French racing driver, a conman and various journalists battle over steep mountain ranges and across the arid vastness of the Gobi Desert.’

This is an outsider’s view of the happenings; it’s well-written and provides a good overview of the event. The author intersperses the race coverage with chapters commenting on the different socio-history elements related to motoring and international politics of the time.

I would have liked more focus on the race itself, along with the characters and cars, however, this is a great introduction to the first international motoring event.