The Meaning in the Making book cover

The Meaning in the Making: A Philosophy for the Creative Life.

Sean Tucker

It was through serendipity that I first discovered Sean Tucker via YouTube. His photography videos helped me a lot through the various lockdowns as Sean takes a very different approach to others. He doesn’t do ‘product reviews’ or produce click-bait type videos, instead, he talks more from a creative and philosophical point of view. His open and honest style has been both entertaining, insightful and thought-provoking too. Leading me to reflect on many things and bring comfort in creative uncertainty.

When Sean announced he was publishing a book in this video trailer, I was sold on the idea. A few months later a follow-up video was released where Sean read through the first chapter. This video was a great way to explain that this book is not about photography, but more ‘A Philosophy for the Creative Life’ to use the author’s own words.

Sean is a great storyteller, evidenced in his videos and now in print. His book is wonderfully written and full of insight and learning. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in human authenticity, whether you think of yourself as creative or not. Not only are the words so beautifully written the book itself is a joy to hold. A small thing, but it just adds to the overall pleasure of reading this book.