Do Interesting book cover

Do Interesting — Notice. Collect. Share.

Russell Davies

Way back when I was leaving art college, one of my tutors gave me a bit of advice that has stuck with me throughout my life: “When you look at things, really notice what you’re looking at. Take every opportunity to see what’s in front of you, notice the details, the way the shadows fall, how highlights dance and the differences between surface textures. Remember those things and use them to make your illustrations more realistic.” – Mike Badrocke, technical illustrator.

All these decades later, Russell Davis’ book is offering similar great advice. This easy and entertaining read provides motivation to make life more interesting. Offering activities to help you notice, collect and share the small things. 

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from the book.

Pay attention.
Gather what you notice.
Let ideas simmer.
Share them with others.