Saul Leiter, photofile book cover

Saul Leiter, Photofile

Saul Leiter, Max Kozloff

Saul Leiter’s Photofile is a beautifully curated collection of some of the American photographer’s most stunning and captivating photographs. The book is part of Thames and Hudson’s Photofile series, which focuses on individual photographers and their work.

Leiter’s photographs are a masterful combination of colour, light, and composition. His work is atmospheric and often abstract, focusing on capturing fleeting moments and details that others might miss, which offer a unique and intimate perspective on the city’s streets and people.

The book includes a selection of Leiter’s work, from his early black-and-white street photography to his later, more experimental colour work. While this is primarily a visual book, there is a short, informative and insightful introduction from Max Kozloff, which provides context and background on Leiter’s life and artistic practice.

Overall, Saul Leiter’s Photofile is a must-read for anyone interested in photography, particularly those who love street photography and colour photography. Leiter’s work is a true inspiration, and this book does an excellent job of showcasing his talent and contribution to the art form.