The Obstacle Is The Way book cover

The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday

During my learnings about Stoicism, I discovered the Daily Stoic website and podcast. While both these are quite American in a self-help/positivity kind of way, the underlying messages are nearly 200 years old. The author, Ryan Holiday, is enthusiastic and an interesting character. I took a chance on the book, hoping that it would be more wise thoughts than positive mantras to be wheeled out ad-hoc. The book is easy to read providing modern context and anecdotes to explain some of the original texts. Towards the end, there is mention of ignoring all modern interpretations and writings on Stoicism, instead, referring the reader back to the original texts. While I have some well-translated versions of the originals, personally I struggle with them. For me, this was a good read and another great introduction to Stoic philosophy.