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As you may gather I’m a big fan of sketching ideas and thoughts down on paper, before going anywhere near my Mac. I’ve been asked a few times what I use for sketching out my UX & wireframe ideas. My answer is always the same, use whatever you’re comfortable with. But that lead me to consider what I do actually use, following are my basic weapons of choice.ux_sketching01

ux_sketching01I always have an A3 layout pad on my desk and a full set of Stabilo Point 88’s. I seem to pick a different colour each day…

My Moleskine is never out of reach, whether in the office or on the go along with a mechanical pencil and fine liner pen.


Post-it notes (stickies) are great for quickly mapping out a flow or pages. If you take a pad of standard square Post-It’s cut about 25mm off one side they sort of the right proportion for a long web-page. By using these it helps to focus on the main page elements rather then the details.

And one last weapon is a twin tip Sharpie.

If Apple do release their Tablet/Slate and Autodesk Sketchbook will run on it, I might be re-thinking the above.

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