Turning my iPad into a Netbook

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When I bought my iPad back in May, one of the self justifications I used was that it would be cheaper the replacing my old titanium Power Book – which had recently died. I couldn’t justify buying a new Mac Book Pro and the iPad was way cooler. The lack of physical keyboard didn’t hinder me as much as the lack of a stylus, but I’ve covered that elsewhere [Looking for an iPad Stylus?]. However roll on 7 months and with a lot more apps available, I’m using my iPad more and have started thinking I need a proper keyboard.With this need came the thought of  either and Apple Bluetooth keyboard or their iPad Keyboard Dock. Neither of which I was enthused about. The dock looked too restrictive as the keyboard is physically joined to the dock and not very portable. So the separate bluetooth keyboard appeared to be the way forward. That was until I discovered Kensington’s new KeyFolio™ Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad.

This combination of a case with built in keyboard looked to answer my needs and luckily Carphone Wharehouse were stocking them in the UK for £69.99. A quick visit and a salesman willing to let me feel the keyboard before buying convinced me I was right. Back home it only took 30 odd mins to charge, it connected/paired as advertised and I was up and running.

Kensington Bluetooth iPad keyboard

This is not as nice as using a full size keyboard, but is much better then using the on-screen keyboard. At first I was a little concerned about the angle at which the iPad sat, but there’s a series of ribs on the top of the keyboard so you can adjust to your preference. This is a really nice touch. The keys themselves are rubberised, but thankfully don’t feel anything like an old Sinclair Spectrum. Please excuse the quality of these images, I used my iPhone for speed.

iPad Case

Some of the keys aren’t exactly where you would expect them to be, such as the quote mark, but that’s understandable with a keyboard of this size. Overall I think it’s going to do me just fine, now let’s see if the battery lives up to the claimed 90 hours working time…

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