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My lists from 2021

It's customary at this time of year to reflect on the year and provide some sort of clever predictions about the year to come. I think most would agree that 2021 has not been an outstanding year. For all those that made it this far, congratulations and I hope you had a good festive break?

Rather than some poorly thought out reflection, I’m just going to leave you all with some lists of things I’ve enjoyed throughout 2021, who knows maybe you might enjoy them too? The lists are not exclusive or ranked, just what I think is worth sharing.

Things and stuff I’ve enjoyed this year


Maybe I Don’t Belong Here, David Harewood – I’d recommend the audiobook, as it’s read by David Harewood and includes an exclusive conversation between the author and historian and writer David Olusoga.

The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel in Two Semesters, Chip Kidd

A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine – Stoicism, philosophy for the real world.

The Practice, Shipping Creative Work, Seth Godin – Breaks down misconceptions of barriers to getting stuff done, for the right people.

Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most, Greg McKeown

One Percent Better, Hiut Denim yearbook.

There’s a full list of books over on my Reading List page if you’re interested.

TV shows

Grayson’s Art Club – Bringing creativity into Britain’s homes during the lockdown, long may it continue

Designated Survivor – An attack on Washington decimates the government, leaving only one survivor to run the country.

Clarkson’s Farm – This series probably started out as a bit of a laugh, Grand Tour meets farming, but it takes a turn and shows how hard it is to run a farm.

Hellbound – Unearthly beings deliver bloody condemnations, sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice.

The Silent Sea – A team is sent to the moon to visit an existing base, five years after an accident, to retrieve some samples. What could possibly go wrong?

The Boys – What if superheroes were bad and corporately owned? This is not Marvel.

Taskmaster – No thinking required, highly entertaining basic humour.

Salvation – An asteroid hurtling towards Earth, who can save us? More West Wing than Armageddon.


Seaspiracy – Shocking documentary about the corrupt fishing industry, the harm humans are needlessly inflicting on marine life and the in turn on ourselves.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – Learn how factory farming is decimating the planet’s natural resources and why it’s largely ignored by major environmental groups.

You And The Thing That You Love – A short film about a skateboarder, which made me feel grateful.

Blackfish – Documentary about the treatment of Orca whales in places like SeaWorld.


Jason Lee – Photographer, pro-skateboarder, actor, director. American photography road trips.

Ray Barbee – Skateboarder, musician and photographer.

Yves Deshommes – More than a New York City doorman.

Juliet Elliott – Multi-discipline cyclist

Sean Tucker – Photographer more interested in the ‘why’ of photography than in the ‘how’.


Why It Feels Like You Never Have Enough Time – Break the vicious cycle of distraction

Welcome to your Bland New World – How and why so many ‘disruptive start-up brands’ look, feel and sound exactly the same.

Talking jackets with Paynter – A conversation with Paynter about reshaping the clothing industry, one chore coat at a time.

Positive news – website, newsletter and printed magazine about good things.

Your World is Full of Placebo Buttons (and That’s a Good Thing) – Discomfort is often alleviated by action—by our doing something that makes us feel in control, even if, in reality, we have no control whatsoever.

Random links

Telling stories through photographs – It’s about free education more than photography.

Blueprint: Jimmy Iovine – Founding Interscope Records, Apple Music & Selling Beats By Dre.

Who Are You, Charlie Brown? – Take a peek into the world of the man behind the Peanuts pencil.

Busting The Dyslexia Myth – Talk from Alessia Nicotra & Bruno Maag.

Random things

Platinum Preppy – Old school fountain pen, with carbon ink.

Ribble Gravel AL – Yes I was suckered into the gravel fad, but it’s opened up so much more riding for me.

Fuji X-Pro3 camera – Almost back to basics rangefinder-style camera.

Latest thoughts

Welcome 2022

A new calendar year marks the start of another lap around our celestial star. What will this year bring? Who knows, as that would just be guessing and I’m not one for making big predictions.

Do/Pause Workshop

Last year I attended the one day Do Pause workshop and it has proved to be one of the most valuable events I’ve ever attended and Robert Poynton is a superb facilitator. The day left me with a whole host of practical things I could put into practice straight away, along with deeper things to take away to think about. Over the year since the workshop, I’ve been practising many of the lessons learned, introducing different pauses, all of which I’ve felt has provided me with a slower, more thoughtful way to see things.

Mental Health Week: How photography helped me

During the second half of 2017, I hit a psychological wall. Not suddenly, it had been building for a while. I’d lost interest in almost everything outside of my family. At work, everything was going fine, but I was on autopilot. I was struggling to understand what was going on. I no longer wanted to socialise, go to car shows, build cars, make photographs, paint or cycle – all things that had been a massive part of my life up until then. Was it burn out? Mid-life crisis? All I knew was that I felt sad and unable to find joy in any of my interests.