Hip Hop Architecture book cover

Hip Hop Architecture

Sekou Cooke

The title was a hook and once a colleague recommended this I had to order a copy. Flicking through the pages there are so many great images that I was looking forward to diving into the book properly. However, for some reason, it just sat on my desk for a number of weeks before I got around to actually reading the book. Once I had time to fully engage I found it a struggle to get into the text. At first, I thought this might be my mild dyslexia. Having shown the text to others I then concluded that maybe I was just struggling with the foreword by Michael Eric Dyson. Returning to the book I skipped to the main content. Even after a couple of attempts, I found the text almost impenetrable. To me, this book is written in a very academic tone and does not make for easy reading. This sharply contradicts the blurb on the back cover which reads ‘…It is not for architectural academic elites.’ – it most certainly is for academic elites. For me, this has now become a nice visual reference book.