Do Pause book cover

Do Pause: You are not a To-Do list

Robert Poynton

I discovered and watched Robert Poynton’s video Why We All Need To Pause Right Now, in which the author opens with this statement,

“If you don’t stop to think, life will force you to stop and think.”

This, along with the rest of the talk, intrigued me so much that I signed up for the Do/Pause workshop, more about that elsewhere. Booking a place on the workshop meant I also received a printed copy of Robert’s book, and this in itself is brilliant. The tone and approach are spot-on in a way that opens up the concept of making room for pauses without being directional about how or when. Robert discusses different types of pauses, rhythms and routines that can build a more sustainable way to help manage our wellbeing and sanity. From counting ‘one’ before entering a room, to taking a sabbatical, a pause can be any length and Robert provides reason and guidance on what might be right in certain situations. Do/Pause is full of great advice and practical ideas that helped me to approach my busy life in a more considered way.